Blockchain for meaningful digital business transformation

The company was founded in 2018 by our CEO, Wayne Lloyd, after he spent more than 10 years working with multiple financial institutions around the world. During the time he worked with his clients he observed that no matter which area of financial services that his clients were operating, each of them were hamstrung by the complexities and cost of maintaining legacy IT, the increasing cost of being compliant and the culture silos which these problems created. The compounded effect of these things meant customer service was often an after thought or a nice to have which encouraged Lloyd to see if there was a long term solution to the problems being caused rather than a short term fix that was often applied. During this process Lloyd discovered blockchain and he quickly recognised that its impact would change everything. Since that time Lloyd has dedicated himself to learning not just the intricacies of the technology, but more importantly, the business benefits and digital experiences that blockchain technology could help his clients unlock.

Lloyd then joined one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world. During his time there he worked with some of the best minds in the digital space and learned much. It was during this time that he realised that not only where his clients not exploring the transformative impact of blockchain, but neither were his clients digital incumbents. As a student of blockchain, Lloyd was regularly invited to speak at and attend digital marketing conferences and it became clear that brands were not thinking about the impact blockchain technology would have on consumer behaviours and their own digital experiences. Smarter Contracts was set up to fill that gap. The Company has been set up to help clients design, develop and implement blockchain technology for the purpose of creating far more immersive and much more meaningful digital experiences. 

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Meet our leadership team


Wayne Lloyd

Founder & CEO

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Igor Kolokostov

Chief Innovation Officer


Lord Waverley

Strategic Advisor


Neelam Patel

Chief Delivery Officer

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James Radley



Derek Pattanakriengkrai



Emma Critchley

Chief Marketing Officer

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VJ Angelo

Non-Executive Director


Elena Rivers