The range of questions that Smarter Contracts is often asked can be vast. We can help clients interested in the basics and we are able to help clients who are looking for a more in depth understanding of how the technology can be designed, developed and integrated. We have added some of the more common questions we are asked below:

Are you aligned to any specific blockchain?

Smarter Contracts is blockchain agnostic. We can build solutions using both public, private and hybrid blockchains.

We have experience working with Ethereum, EOSIO, 0X, Bitcoin, VeChain and LINK, whilst the team is actively building up its knowledge and understanding of IBM's Hyperledger.

Where does Smarter Contracts operate?

Our head office is based in London; however, Smarter Contracts is very much a globally focussed company. We are currently working with clients across the UK, the Middle East and Asia.

The leadership team is primarily based out of the UK; however, we have a development team based across Eastern Europe and Moscow, whilst we are also exploring setting up an office in South East Asia.

What set of skills makes up the Smarter Contracts team?

The team is made up of exceptionally talented people who share common goals and values. We have service design experts, programme managers, project managers, architects, blockchain and other technical developers and business analysts.