Elder Research apply AI to successfully deepen the functionality of Smarter Contracts Pulse platform

Smarter Contracts is pleased to announce that Elder Research has successfully completed the first of a three-phase project that is designed to enrich the functionality of Smarter Contracts’ patent-pending consent management platform - Pulse. Following the success of phase one, Elder Research have now taken a minority stake in Smarter Contracts, something that the company is very proud of. 

Wayne Lloyd, CEO of Smarter Contracts states: “The quality of the work that Elder Research have done so far has been exceptional, although that is no surprise. Whilst we cannot disclose the challenges that we have asked Elder Research to solve at this moment in time, the team has been enthused to see Elder Research building the AI engine that is going to power one of the privacy modules that we always believed would make Pulse one of the most cutting-edge data rights management platforms in the world. We look forward to seeing what can be achieved in phase two, and showing the end product to our customers.” 

Ramon Perez, Managing Director of Elder Research states: “We are excited about our initial outputs in Phase 1 and we continue to be very pleased with our partnership with Smarter Contracts.  The Apple versus Facebook row, along with other recent technology news, shows that consumers want more control of their data and will reward firms that make privacy a priority.  Smarter Contracts has built a sophisticated platform that puts trust at its core, and we hope to apply our experience in AI to further enhance the user experience.”

The project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021.