Intellectual Property Office provides grant funding to Smarter Contracts

Smarter Contracts is pleased to announce that it has won grant funding via the Intellectual Property Office. The funding will be used to pay for a comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) audit. Funding is only awarded companies that are identified as having high growth potential, whilst in order to obtain the grant funding, Smarter Contracts has to demonstrate that they are building innovate products and services.

Smarter Contracts have appointed Keltie as the IP law firm and they will be responsible for running the IP audit. Keltie were recently awarded the title of Europe’s Leading Patent Legal Firms (2020) by the Financial Times. As part of the audit Keltie will provide Smarter Contracts with advice and guidance towards identifying and maximising the value of the IP, such that all potential IP assets are identified and properly managed. The audit will provide Smarter Contracts with a long-term IP strategy.