Smarter Contracts registers 12 design protection patents

Smarter Contracts has successfully registered 12 design protection patents at the European Unions’ Intellectual Property Office. The protections cover to the functionality of the Pulse platform and its accompanying set of modules, spanning across 30 countries. The registration of these design protections is an important moment for Smarter Contracts as it protects a number of unique features that have been designed to improve the relationship between an individual and their personal data, like never before. The protections ensure no one can copy our approach to data, data rights management and data privacy.

The designs were submitted by Keltie LLP who were recently awarded the title of being Europe’s Leading Patent Legal firm via The Financial Times (2020). Wayne Lloyd, CEO states: “The registration of these protections is an important milestone on the maturity curve of the Pulse platform. It protects our roadmap and vision of the future and will allow us to build out new and unique features and functionality that can only come to life under these designs.”