Smarter Contracts submits software patent applications to cover the US & EU

Smarter Contracts, the company responsible for developing the patent pending data privacy and consent management platform - Pulse, have submitted further software patent applications to protect Pulse across the European Union and United States.

Their patent applications were submitted by their IP attorney Keltie LLP and provide further evidence of Smarter Contracts continued commitment towards following a robust IP strategy and their long-term growth targets. In 2021 alone, Smarter Contracts has registered 24 design protections to ensure the unique features and functionality of Pulse are protected across the United Kingdom, United States, European Union and Canada. This puts the total number of design protections registered at 36, whilst the company are already in the process of preparing to submit further software patent applications and design protections to cover new features and functionality that Smarter Contracts intends to release, in 2022.

Wayne Lloyd, CEO of Smarter Contracts states: “The recent announcements from the FCA regarding consent make Pulse increasingly relevant software, particularly for businesses that are committed to and recognise the benefits of providing their internal and external customers with greater levels of privacy and higher standards of consent management. Our belief in the importance of Pulse been reinforced by the increased demand we’re now seeing from organisations that are beginning to recognise the value that Pulse can unlock in the unique way that only Pulse can.”