Successfully built the worlds first of its kind digital futures smart contract on the EOSIO blockchain

Our client, a conglomerate based in the Middle-East, approached Smarter Contracts about building a smart contract that would underpin a tokenised security that is set to be launched on the FCA licensed, London Derivatives Exchange, in September, 2019. The security token is being sold to accredited investors and part of the money raised will then be used to digitally transform the operations of their gold mine, health care company, recruitment company and sustainable materials company over the next two years.

What we delivered

As the token will be launched on the EOSIO blockchain, it meant Smarter Contracts had to design the what we believe is the first security token to be launched on EOSIO and this is something we are extremely proud of. Smarter Contracts role in the project was to design, build, develop and audit the security token before integrating it into the custodians environment. In order to do that successfully we had to test the custodians blockchain against the features and functionalities of their smart contract before sending the token over to them for issuance. 

The outcome

The team (left) successfully delivered the project and demonstrated our qualities beyond just building a Smart Contract to everyone involved. Since building the token we have gone on to become the official technology partner of London Derivatives Exchange, we exploring ways which we can become partners with the custodian and we are now in discussions with our client about how Smarter Contracts can be used to deliver the many other projects which they have, including the digital transformation projects which this token is being used to raise funds for. 

Ongoing Projects

The team is currently extremely busy working on other projects including a lending platform for one of the largest financial institutions in the world. We are looking forward to sharing our news and case-studies as and when we can. Follow our pages for updates:

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