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Pulse data consent management platform


Pulse® is a consent management platform that uses blockchain technology and AI to reimagine the way companies and individuals manage their data.

Seamlessly integrating into your existing app or software stack, Pulse is a white-labelled piece of software that provides your customers with full transparency over who is requesting their data and why, in real-time.

For the customer, this means having the ability to instantly grant or revoke consent to their data while still within your app. For businesses, this consent is fed back in real-time, providing an extra layer of security, reducing regulatory risk, enhancing brand trust and increasing the frequency of brand engagement.

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Increased trust and transparency
Real-time data management functionality creates new levels of trust between companies and their customers by giving individuals the power to grant, amend or revoke access rights to their data.

Powerful insights
Using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Pulse provides companies and regulators with new and previously unknown data insights.

Greater protection
Using unique design concepts Pulse can be configured to manage data in ways existing platforms are unable to, providing companies with greater protection from the threat of regulatory fines and protecting individuals from the threat of financial crime.

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