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Transforming the way you operate your business and communicate with your customers

Smarter Contracts believes blockchain technology, and its convergence with other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence will cause profound change to the business models of every industry and every sector. As a company we have focussed on the industries which we believe that change will be most rewarding to our clients and their customers, namely, financial services, commodities, sport and the urban environment. We have shaped and continue to evolve, a suite of services and tools that are underpinned by a team of thought leaders that love to take our clients on a process of blockchain discovery in so they can help them uncover new ways of thinking, new ways of doing business and new ways of communicating with their internal and external customers.


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Understanding your needs

We understand every client strives to remain competitive and relevant for their customers. We also understand and appreciate that every client has their own set of unique challenges to solve in order for them to achieve their objectives. It is for this reason that Smarter Contracts will never be one of those consultancies preaching to its clients how they should run and operate. Our approach is to listen, learn and understand your business first. We believe every clients wants to improve their operating models, recognises the changing expectation of their customers and the importance of innovation. As a customer obsessed, design led consultancy, we provide new, thought provoking ideas and innovations using technology. Our services are tailored to help you achieve incremental but end-to-end, 'decentralised' digital business transformation.


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Traditional Consulting Services from non-traditional thinkers

Smarter Contracts is team of experts that have spent many years providing business and technology consulting services to the some of the largest and most complex organisations in the world. Our experts have deep domain knowledge of capital markets, commodities, the urban environment and sport and are able to fuse their knowledge of these industries with their passion and understanding of blockchain. We can lead or advise our clients through our advisory services, we can also provide end-to-end project services, providing our clients with a full team of business and technology consultants, blockchain architects and project managers. With a development team based in Eastern Europe we are also able to provide both onshore and offshore managed support services.


Every transformation project starts, and ends, with education. Smarter Contracts places huge emphasis on helping our clients understand the business benefits of blockchain technology first before it really goes deep into the technology. It is a much more agreeable approach for our clients and one which stimulates more acceptance towards blockchains potential. For any client apprehensive about going straight into running proof-of-concepts this is a much softer first step into the technology, and one which tends to uncover the most appropriate proof-of-concepts take forward. 



Proof of Concepts

Smarter Contracts are able to help you identify use cases which blockchain can address, whilst we are also able to design, architect, build and  implement. We can deliver these projects in an agile way, allowing you to test and learn the impact blockchain can have on your organisation at speed. We can measure the performance of your proof-of-concepts and have the capacity and expertise to take each POC into full production projects. 



Smart Contracts

As our name suggests, we have deep domain knowledge of designing, coding, testing and auditing complex smart contracts. We also working extremely hard to push the boundaries of smart contracts by focussing on how we can improve on the innovation by driving increased automation . Our innovation team are hard at work building tools to help with this.


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Smart City

Urban Environment Transformation

Smarter Contracts believes the urban environment will be transformed through this powerful technology. We have some amazing ideas and concepts around how this can be achieved and are working with a number of clients and our partners to help realise them. If you would like to speak to us about tokenising assets, commercial property or smart city concepts please get in touch.


Smarter Contracts Innovation Lab

Smarter Contracts has its own innovation lab whose sole purpose is to research and develop new products, services and tools which can add value to our clients businesses. We have some amazing thinkers in our team but more importantly, we have a team of developers and architects that can turn our ideas into a reality for our clients and their customers. 


Research Lab