About Us



A London based, but globally focussed, Blockchain & IoT Software and Services Company, the Smarter Contracts loves to help its clients uncover the power of these emerging technologies in order to achieve meaningful, decentralised digital transformation. We provide research, education and traditional consulting services that are proven to change the way our clients think about the way they do business . 

The Smarter Contracts team has a rich heritage of implementing complex technology solutions and providing leading business consulting services for many of the the worlds biggest brands. Spanning more than 15 countries, we have a strong network of some of the most exceptional minds in the blockchain space covering a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our team love to inspire a different way of thinking and we understand that transformation blockchain requires incremental steps of change and that change will always have to start through a process of education.

At Smarter Contracts we love to provide our clients with our research and education and it is the first service we always look to provide. We believe that it is key for clients to understand the technology before they start this process of digital change and we provide immersive and tailored training services to help unlock these new ways of thinking. 

We also provide traditional consultancy services to take our clients new way of thinking into production. We can design and build proof-of-concepts, deliver end to end project and managed services; whilst we are in the process of taking our knowledge of how blockchain can be applied to build our own blockchain based tools, designed to provide increased transparency across supply chains; whilst we are also developing our own data services using blockchain oracles. 

The Smarter Contracts development team are a group of exceptional and award winning experts that have won multiple hackathons by developing tools and services that can add value to brands across multiple industries.