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Smarter Contracts is a blockchain focussed, software and services consultancy that believes the technology and its convergence with other emerging technologies, will transform the way business is done and completely restructure the way companies are organised and operate. Our international team of experienced consultants have deep domain knowledge across financial services, commodities, the urban environment and sport.

The Smarter Contracts team is design led and made up of exceptional technologists, business consultants, architects and highly skilled business leaders that are understand how your industries operate. They are passionate about blockchain and have brought years of traditional consulting services into the company; whilst fusing them with new and innovative ways of thinking and doing things.

Unlocking the business value of blockchain, working with clients across financial services, commodities, the urban environment & sport.

If you are reading our page because you believe it might be the right time for your company to start exploring the potential of blockchain or because you have already started that journey and are looking for a team of experts to help you implement a solution, then you have come to the right place.

Gartner predicts that the business value add of blockchain technology will exceed $176 billion by 2025 before exceeding $3.1 trillion by 2031. It represents a huge opportunity for businesses to optimise their business and technology processes and procedures at a time when consumers, governments and regulators are increasingly of the opinion that data should be the responsibility of the individual, rather than the company that processes and holds it.

Fast growing, globally focussed tech company

Our message and our approach is resonating with our clients. Since our inception we have worked with clients in the UK, Asia and the Middle East. We are currently working with one of the most recognised and globally established financial services company in the UK; whilst we are also the technology partner to one of the most upcoming and innovative financial services companies in the world - London Derivatives Exchange. Our work in Asia and the Middle-East has seen us working with brands and governments alike, all of which are keen to uncover the value that blockchain can have across the commodities and the urban environment. 





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