Market leading.
Collaboration with industry leaders and specialised technology vendors means we have built an ecosystem of market-leading experts.
BIG little LDN
BIG little LDN is an award-winning agency specialising in branding, social media, influencer marketing and PR. Their in-house Gen Z and Gen Alpha advisory board, BIG Shot, helps brands engage with society's youngest consumers.
iTrust creates mutually beneficial relationships between stakers and insurance protocols by maximising rewards and growing cover capacity for all participants of the DAO, and the wider DeFi community.
Partnerships and collaborations
Polygon solves common blockchain pain points, offering low gas fees and high speeds without sacrificing security. Over 6000 dApps are already onboard.
One of the largest sources of consumer and business data, providing insight into the behaviours and drivers behind the economy.
London & Partners
London & Partners is the business growth agency for London with a mission to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive.
Elder Research
Elder Research, hand-craft innovative data analytics solutions that inform decisions, deliver value, and transform businesses.
Global specialists in intellectual property law.
Open Data Institute
The Open Data Institute mission is to work with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem, where people can make better decisions using data. 
FData Global
FDATA is a not-for-profit global association for financial services companies operating in Open Banking and Open Finance 
Open Banking
Open banking connects banks, third-parties and technical providers – enabling them to simply and securely exchange data to their customers’ benefit.
BSI enables people and organisations to perform better, sharing knowledge, innovation and best practice to make excellence a habit. 
CFIT is leading the drive to expand and scale the UK’s position as a global leader in financial innovation. Their aim is to unblock the barriers that are prohibiting fintech growth by bringing together the best minds from across the UK to identify the challenges and create the solutions that can unlock the UK’s innovation potential.
ISO 27001 & ISO 9001
The international standard focussed on information security and the international standard focussed on Quality Management System.